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6/23/2019 – Appleton, Wisconsin is the little apple of our eyes. University Rx secured new location and coming soon to downtown Appleton College Avenue. University Rx under the umbrella of RxLink Pharmacy , Nutrition & MiniMart will be the work of Independent Pharmacists to make it a reality for downtown Appleton residents. For more information on University Rx On the Avenue, please contact RxLink at [email protected] 855-6-RxLink

RxLink University Pharmacy – Coming Soon!
University Rx LLC
133 E College Ave
Appleton, WI 54911

Jude P. Jean-Pierre, RPh, FASCP, PhPM
Pharmacist / Owner
Phone: 920-470-7480
Fax: 920-903-9476
Toll: 855-6-RxLink
Email: [email protected]

6/20/2019 – Put Sizzle in your summer. Ditch your Diet! Take a look at the RxLink Vitamin Line.
Fiber helps prevent Asthma, Diabetes and Obesity.

New research shows the critical role dietary fiber plays in preventing chronic health problems. For more information on Nutritional balance for today’s lifestyle, contact your Independent Pharmacists at RxLink. [email protected]

RxLink Vitamin Line is your Link to Healthy Living! Order online.

Did you know?
You can break a sweat before breakfast for Maximum Fat Loss.


Jude Jean-Pierre, RPh, FASCP, PhPM & Katie H. RN

6/12/2019 – Happy Father’s Day Weekend to all Dads from RxLink.

Frequently asked questions about Diabetes type 2 “Why are my sugars so crazy?”. Now you can go to your local independent RxLink Pharmacists in your community for answers. You can also email us at [email protected] with your questions.

6/10/2019 – Dr. Schaefer, RPh, PhD, Consultant Pharmacist and Nutritionist joined the RxLink Pharmacy Business Development Team. More to come…

RxLink at the 3 on 3 Streetball Neenah, Wisconsin 2019. Special Thanks to all the RxLink Players.

Game On!

5/28/2019 – Oneida Baller “Jose” received full support from Oneida Elders.

5/26/2019 – RxLink gives special Thanks to the Oneida Elders and previous Oneida Chairwoman Janice Hirth for their full support during the opening of an Indian Health Center Pharmacy in Milwaukee.

5/20/2019 – Join the RxLink BasketBall Team for the 3 On 3 Street Ball in Neenah, Wisconsin, june 8-9, 2019 Come to support our team. Follow the RxLink BasketBall Team on facebook. Like us on facebook and you may win a free RxLink t-shirt.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms who are Pharmacists. You serve your community and also take care of your family. We thank you for all you do.

Did you know?

Useful information for taking care of yourself when you have diabetes. Get a list from PAAS National for insulin and Injectable Diabetes Medication Chart. PAAS National from Stoughton, WI provides Expert Third-Party Audit & Contract Advice since 1993. Phone 608-873-1342. Insulin – Package Size – Units, MG or MCG/ML – Total units, MG or MCG – Expiration after opening.

5/12/2019 – Pharmacy Job Opportunities

RxLink Pharmacists are here to serve you at the comfort of your home.

Pharmacy Technicians Needed
Certified Pharmacy Techs needed for Green Bay, Shawano Wisconsin area. Contact RxLink and send Resume to [email protected] $12 to $15 / hour, must be able to travel and ready to start. 1 to 2 years of Pharmacy tech experience is preferred.

Contact RxLink

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Pharmacists Needed
Pharmacists needed for Northeastern Wisconsin, Green bay, Shawano area.
RxLink now hiring licensed Pharmacists in the Green Bay, Shawano area for relief work. 2 to 3 days per week $50 to $60 / hour. This position will cover our Pharmacy Partners in Northeastern Wisconsin. Pharmacist will coordinate Pharmaceutical care services in collaboration with the Pharmacy leadership and staff.
Education Requirements: B.S. in Pharmacy or PharmD degree and licensed in the state of Wisconsin.
Position Requirements: Understanding of State, Federal regulations and 340B programs. Excellent communication and problem solving skills. Be able to travel to multiple facilities. Green Bay, Appleton and Shawano, Wisconsin.

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Let us know how to get back to you.

How can we help?

Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment.

4/14/2019 – RxLink Fitness & Nutrition

The 10 Minute Happiness Solution
Just 10 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise can help those suffering from Depression and Anxiety by improving their confidence and self-esteem, and by Providing positive distraction and coping skills. Says the Mayo Clinic Women’s Healthsource.
You need to:
Identify what you enjoy doing
Get your mental-health provider’s support
Set reasonable goals
Don’t think of exercise as a chore
Address your barriers
Prepare for setbacks and obstacles
Take your RxLink Vitamins & Nutrition

4/09/2019 – Adasuve
Adasuve by Teva, the active ingredient is loxapine 10mg powder for oral inhalation. Adasuve is indicated for acute treatment of agitation associated with Schizophrenia or Bipolar I disorder in adults. Must be administered only in an enrolled healthcare facility. The efficacy of loxapine could be mediated through a combination of antagonism of central dopamine and serotonin receptors. For more information, please contact your local Independent Pharmacists or call 888-838-2872.

4/07/2019 – Ditch your current diet if you are not getting the results. Put the sizzle in your spring with regular exercise, great nutrition and vitamins from RxLink Sports Nutrition. Actually the RxLink Probiotic may be one of the most important supplement you can take! Order the RxLink Probiotic here and start moving things again.

4/01/2019 – Fetzima is indicated for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) in adults. Fetzima belongs in the Pharmacologic class of (SNRI) Serotonin and Norepinephrine reuptake reuptake inhibitor. For more information on Fetzima for (MDD), please contact your local Independent Pharmacists for more information or email us at [email protected]

3/26/2019 – RxLink continues to provide great Pharmaceutical Care to the communities.
3/06/2019 – RxLink Nutrition – New products – Check out our vitamins section.
2/20/2019 – RxLink Medical HME new distribution center is now located in Greenville, Wisconsin. 855-679-5465