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General information about buprenorphine treatment and the treatment of addiction are available through numerous sources, including, including but not limited to:

SAMHSA website (www.samhsa.gov)

American Society of Addiction Medicine website (www.asam.org)

American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry website (www.aaap.org)

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02/01/2023  RxLink Store 133 /Appleton to relocate in Appleton, Wisconsin. New location will be RxLink Medical to cover North East Wisconsin and the new location will provide better parking access for our seniors. Let’s get to work…  












10/09/2021 Rapid COVID-19 tests are getting hard to find. 


08/10/2021 RxLink – Your Link to Healthy Living!


08/09/2021 RxLink University Pharmacy looks to vaccinate people of color

APPLETON, Wis. Spectrum News 1 – An Appleton pharmacist is hoping he can convince more people of color to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Jude Jean-Pierre owns RxLink University Pharmacy on College Avenue in Appleton. He’s hosting a week of free education and support events all week culminating in a free pop-up vaccine clinic on Saturday. His hope is to help the Black community and other minority communities receive greater access to the vaccine from a trusted source – a black owned business.

“Compared to their white counterparts, the Black community is generally at higher risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, asthma, influenza, pneumonia, diabetes and HIV/AIDS,” Jean-Pierre said in a news release.

“There are pockets in our community who are not willing to yet welcome the idea of getting vaccinated,” he said Tuesday. “These are the new challenges that we are currently facing and we are addressing them with other members of our community to see how we can encourage them to come in.”



08/08/2021   RxLink University Pharmacy COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic



Pop-Up Vaccination site to open Saturday in Appleton By RxLink Pharmacy

Black-owned Appleton pharmacy holds free vaccine clinic aimed at communities of color (msn.com)


Coming Soon!








University Clinicians Mini-Clinic

Coming soon to Downtown Appleton, Wisconsin to provide needed care to special patients in the Fox Cities. Services to include Physicals, Drug Addiction Treatments, Drug Testing and other Specimen Testing.

For up to date information about University Clinicians Mini-Clinic, please click on this link here.



A Pharmacy Management and New Business Development Team by RxLink with only one goal: “Providing the best care to the community”. COVID-19 TESTING, NOW FOCUSING ON COVID-19 VACCINE AND FLU SHOT DELIVERY. Visionary leadership in Healthcare… with Jude P Jean-Pierre, RPh, BS.Pharm, FASCP, PhPM.
 RxLink – Making a difference and serving the community during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 4/27/2021


12/06/2020 – 


Drive-Thru Free Testing for COVID-19  
Get Tested by RxLink before Christmas at St Joseph Catholic Church in Appleton. Flu shots also available from 9am – 3pm inside lobby. 

Location: St Joseph Catholic Church, 404 W Lawrence St, Appleton, WI 54911

Drive-Thru Testing Hours: 9am – 3pm, Saturday December 19, 2020 at St Joseph Church’s Parking lot.
Type of testing offered: Diagnostic Nasal Swab, which detects whether a person is currently Infected.
need to be showing symptoms? yes, or have been exposed to a person who tested positive.

RxLink University Clinicians
133 E College Ave
Appleton, WI 54911

P: 920-202-3772
F: 920-903-1452
F: 855-679-5465

RxLink COVID-19 Intervention

11/22/2020 – Flu Shots Appleton Wisconsin Area: RxLink University Clinicians

Protect yourself and your family from the Flu with this year Flu vaccine. Now you can contact RxLink University Clinicians at 920-202-3772 to schedule an appointment for a Flu Shot.  Please contact RxLink University Clinicians for more information on the Flu Vaccine and on how you can save on other health related clinical services.

11/20/2020 – From MPR – Final Analysis reveals COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate BNT162b2 95% Effective.

09/15/2020 – RxLink University Pharmacy is now offering free COVID-19 testing, for all ages, and surrounding communities. Appointment only, register online and contact RxLink University Pharmacy to schedule a test.
















RxLink University Pharmacy

133 E. College Ave.

Appleton, WI 54911

Phone: 920-202-3772


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for testing?

Per the DHS Testing Eligibility Chart, those who meet any of the following:

Criteria 1: Symptomatic people

Criteria 2: Close contacts of a confirmed COVID-19 case, regardless of symptoms

Criteria 3: Asymptomatic people recommended for testing under the following scenarios: *

Investigation of outbreaks, such as multiple cases in a workplace, residential facility, or correctional facility.

Testing of residents and staff in high-risk congregate facilities to prevent or contain outbreaks.


Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, an appointment is required. You can register online using the testing site Links above or by calling 920-202-3772. Due to the limited test kits available, only a certain amount of online reservations are open each day.


When are appointments available?

Registration for testing appointments open 8:00 AM Monday – Friday.  Once these appointments are filled, the system no longer allows for scheduling. You can try again the next week.


Do I need insurance?



Is there a cost?

No, there is no cost associated with testing. Free.


Who can get tested?

Any person of any age who wants to get tested. There is no requirement on age, exposure, or showing signs of symptoms. Instructions will be given at RxLink University Pharmacy.


What is the fastest way to get my results?

The fastest way to get results is to contact RxLink University Pharmacy or visiting the RxLinkPharmacy.net for more information and to receive an electronic copy of your test results.


Register for a Test

Click the links below to register online, registration opens at 8:00am.

Free COVID-19 Testing at RxLink University Pharmacy

Call 920-202-3772 to schedule an appointment. Phone registration opens at 8:00am, lines will be open until all appointments slots are filled. Language Line interpretation is available.


RxLink University Pharmacy Site

Register Here


133 E College Ave

Appleton, WI 54911


Testing Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday   8am – 7pm

Saturday              8am –  1pm

Link here to register online for a FREE COVID-19 Community TEST


09/02/2020 – Flu season is here, get your Flu shots at RxLink Pharmacy.

Call to schedule an appointment 920-202-3772 RxLink Health Clinic.



08/31/2020 – Online Physician Consultations for Flu, Strep, UTI, and Anemia now available at RxLink University Pharmacy and Health Clinic. Appleton, WI. RxLink Health Clinic is excited to announce the availability of Physician 360 Telemedicine consultation kits for strep throat, flu, UTI, and anemia, allowing patients to consult with a board-certified Physician from their smartphone in the comfort of their home or at an RxLink Pharmacy and Health Clinic.  RxLink Pharmacy will then fill the prescription immediately!

Physician 360 kits are a great solution for expensive and time-consuming Doctor’s office visits. There’s no need to wait  in waiting rooms and risk catching a worse illness when a diagnosis and prescription can easily be accessed elsewhere!  The kits are only $49.95 and significantly cheaper than an urgent care center visit.

Come to RxLink University Pharmacy to pick up your Physician 360 consultation kit today!

For more information:

RxLink University Pharmacy / RxLink Health Clinic

Jude P. Jean-Pierre, RPh, FASCP, PhPM

133 E College Ave, Appleton, WI 54911

Phone: 920-202-3772

COVID-19 tests are available at RxLink University Pharmacy.

Call RxLink now to schedule a test Rx 920-202-3772

06/01/2020RxLink University Pharmacy located in Downtown Appleton Wisconsin gives Special Thanks to all patients and customers for making RxLink University Pharmacy their preffered Pharmacy and Nutrition center. Thank you to all who participated in the last store event.  The store now has more events scheduled for seniors, sports nutrition enthusiasts and family.

RxLink Senior Day is every Wednesday at RxLink University Pharmacy located in downtown Appleton, Wisconsin where seniors get 10% off on all OTCs, Diabetics supplies, COVID-19 supplies with Gift cards giveaways, free blood pressure check for seniors. Free Prescription delivery to seniors.

RxLink Sports Nutrition for Athletes Day is every Saturday . 10% off on all Sports Nutrition items. $10.00 Gift cards giveaway.  Register to win a free Sports Shaker, limit one per entry. 

RxLink Family Day is Every Sunday.  

04/28/2020 – Summer 2020 – RxLink University Pharmacy – Community Pharmacy Practice & HealthCare Intrenship

3rd year University of Wisconsin – Madison Pre-Med Student starts Internship at RxLink University Pharmacy. Summer 2020.










04/28/2020 – A 3rd year University of Wisconsin – Madison Pre-Med Student starts a three week Internship Program at RxLink University Pharmacy. The program is designed to introduce future healthcare providers to community Pharmacy Practice and Healthcare with a community focused approach.

RxLink COVID-19 Intervention 

Jude P. Jean-Pierre, RPh, BSPharm, FASCP, PhPM RxLink – Founder / CEO

04/08/2020 – RxLink Pharmacy has introduced the RxLink COVID-19 Intervention Task Force to help facilitate the procurement of vital medical equipment and supplies in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic for healthcare organizations, professionals on the frontline and the general public.  Coming together in a united front to fight COVID-19, if your Healthcare organization, Healthcare facility are in need of certain safety items such N95 KN95 masks, Gloves, Sanitizers, Gowns, Face Shields, Thermometers, please feel free to contact the RxLink COVID-19 Intervention Team to learn how RxLink Pharmacy can assist you.  Please contact RxLink via email: [email protected] or call 1.855.6.RxLink.


03/16/2020 – COVID-19 Update – Concern for our community surrounding the COVID-19 outbreaks, RxLink University Pharmacy located at 133 E College Ave, Appleton, Wisconsin has decided to make the difficult decision to postpone the Grand Opening to a future date. Our Patients safety is definitely our highest priority and the store will remain open during our normal business hours. Please feel free to contact RxLink University Pharmacy with any questions at 920-202-3772. Email:  [email protected].


03/15/2020 – Worried about the Coronavirus?  Focus on boosting your immune system wi9th vitamins. Add Vitamin C, nature’s antioxidant,  is considered one of the safest and most effective nutrients. Add Vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin”, getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development, help improve resistance against certain diseases. Also add Vitamin E. Vitamin E is considered key for strong immunity and healthy skin and eyes. in recent years, Vitamin E has become popular as an antioxidant.

02/28/2020The CDC warns that the Coronavirus may turn into a global pandemic and may cause significant disruptions in U.S. communities. Are we prepared for COVID-19? RxLink Pharmacists are ready to assist and educate patients on how protective measures can help by washing hands, when sick reduce face to face interactions. Facial masks can be very helpful at reducing transmissions. Contact RxLink Pharmacy for more updates on the Coronavirus and Shortages of facial masks from china.

02/15/2020 – What’s new this flu season? From the CDC.
A few things are new this season:
Flu vaccines have been updated to better match circulating viruses [the B/Victoria component was changed and the influenza A(H3N2) component was updated.

02/13/2020 – RxLink Grand Opening on College Avenue is coming up soon and you are cordially invited.  The official date is Monday March 23rd, 2020.


01/03/2020 – RxLink now open

133 E. College Ave, Appleton, Wisconsin.

Phone: 920-202-3772

Email: [email protected]

Store Hours
Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am – 1:00 am
Sunday 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

Pharmacy Hours
Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Sunday Closed

11/3/2019 – Contact your local Independent Pharmacists regarding your Flu shot this year.

Get your Flu shot this year from your local Independent Pharmacists.







6/23/2019 – Appleton, Wisconsin is the little apple of our eyes. University Rx secured new location and coming soon to downtown Appleton College Avenue. University Rx under the umbrella of RxLink Pharmacy , Nutrition & MiniMart will be the work of Independent Pharmacists to make it a reality for downtown Appleton residents. For more information on University Rx On the Avenue, please contact RxLink at [email protected]. 855-6-RxLink




RxLink University Pharmacy
133 E College Ave
Appleton, WI 54911

Phone: 920-202-3772

Pharmacy: 920-202-3544

Fax: 920-903-1452
Toll: 855-6-RxLink
Email: [email protected]

6/20/2019 – Put Sizzle in your summer. Ditch your Diet! Take a look at the RxLink Vitamin Line.
Fiber helps prevent Asthma, Diabetes and Obesity.

New research shows the critical role dietary fiber plays in preventing chronic health problems. For more information on Nutritional balance for today’s lifestyle, contact your Independent Pharmacists at RxLink. [email protected]

RxLink Vitamin Line is your Link to Healthy Living! Order online.

Did you know?
You can break a sweat before breakfast for Maximum Fat Loss.


Frequently asked questions about Diabetes type 2 “Why are my sugars so crazy?”. Now you can go to your local independent RxLink Pharmacists in your community for answers. You can also email us at [email protected] with your questions.

Did you know?

Useful information for taking care of yourself when you have diabetes. Get a list from PAAS National for insulin and Injectable Diabetes Medication Chart. PAAS National from Stoughton, WI provides Expert Third-Party Audit & Contract Advice since 1993. Phone 608-873-1342. Insulin – Package Size – Units, MG or MCG/ML – Total units, MG or MCG – Expiration after opening.

4/14/2019 – RxLink Fitness & Nutrition

The 10 Minute Happiness Solution
Just 10 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise can help those suffering from Depression and Anxiety by improving their confidence and self-esteem, and by Providing positive distraction and coping skills. Says the Mayo Clinic Women’s Healthsource.
You need to:
Identify what you enjoy doing
Get your mental-health provider’s support
Set reasonable goals
Don’t think of exercise as a chore
Address your barriers
Prepare for setbacks and obstacles
Take your RxLink Vitamins & Nutrition

4/09/2019 – Adasuve
Adasuve by Teva, the active ingredient is loxapine 10mg powder for oral inhalation. Adasuve is indicated for acute treatment of agitation associated with Schizophrenia or Bipolar I disorder in adults. Must be administered only in an enrolled healthcare facility. The efficacy of loxapine could be mediated through a combination of antagonism of central dopamine and serotonin receptors. For more information, please contact your local Independent Pharmacists or call 888-838-2872.

4/07/2019 – Ditch your current diet if you are not getting the results. Put the sizzle in your spring with regular exercise, great nutrition and vitamins from RxLink Sports Nutrition. Actually the RxLink Probiotic may be one of the most important supplement you can take! Order the RxLink Probiotic here and start moving things again.

4/01/2019 – Fetzima is indicated for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) in adults. Fetzima belongs in the Pharmacologic class of (SNRI) Serotonin and Norepinephrine reuptake reuptake inhibitor. For more information on Fetzima for (MDD), please contact your local Independent Pharmacists for more information or email us at [email protected].

3/26/2019 – RxLink continues to provide great Pharmaceutical Care to the communities.
3/06/2019 – RxLink Sports Nutrition – New products – Check out our vitamins & nutrition sections.
2/20/2019 – RxLink Medical HME new distribution center is now located in Greenville, Wisconsin. 855-679-5465