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RxLink Ultimate joint complex provides a unique combination of protective ingredients that work synergistically to: • Support cartilage and collagen regeneration by providing raw materials for production of glycosminoglycans (GAGs). • Support moisture retention, collagen production and skin elasticity. • Balance inflammatory mediators like cytokines and prostaglandins.



7/01/2019 – Appleton, Wisconsin is the little apple of our eyes. University Rx secured new location and coming soon to downtown Appleton College Avenue. University Rx under the umbrella of RxLink Pharmacy , Nutrition & MiniMart will be the work of Independent Pharmacists to make it a reality for downtown Appleton residents. For more information on University Rx On the Avenue, please contact RxLink at [email protected] 855-6-RxLink

RxLink University Pharmacy – Coming Soon!
University Rx LLC
133 E College Ave
Appleton, WI 54911

Jude P. Jean-Pierre, RPh, FASCP, PhPM
Pharmacist / Owner
Phone: 920-470-7480
Fax: 920-903-9476
Toll: 855-6-RxLink
Email: [email protected]

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