RxLink Diabetic Center


RxLink Diabetic Center

Nutrition, Diet and Exercise to help improve glycemic control.

Services provided by Nurses and Pharmacists

According to the Centers for Disease Control 9.3% (29 million people) of the population have diabetes in the United States, and of that number 8 million are undiagnosed.  The Goal of the RxLink Diabetic Program is to provide Diabetes-Related Services to patients:

Patient Education Individually

Patient Counseling

Comprehensive Medication Management Services

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Recommend Medication

A1C Testing

Referral of Patient to other Providers


Nutrition – RxLink Nutrition & Vitamin Brand


Get support you can trust.

Our Diabetes Education program formulated by Pharmacists and Nurses is designed to help you gain access to important diabetes information, tools and nutrition.

Our Dialogue program:  Diabetes Consult

The program includes

  • Engagement (questions)
  • Topic Information
  • Recommendations for patients with diabetes
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Healthy eating
  • Physical activity

Each topic is supported in depth disease state information

Meter training and certification

Diabetes in Review: Our webpage to include Links to relevant topics in Diabetes Research through a selection of medical Journal publications.

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