RxLink Story

Jude P. Jean-Pierre, RPh, BS.Pharm, PhPM, FASCP.

RxLink / Founder, President & CEO.

RxLink Pharmacy Services was founded in 1993 by Pharmacist Jude P. Jean-Pierre a University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy Alumnus.  RxLink Pharmacy Services was developed to provide Patient Medication Review Services in order to improve patient pharmaceutical care outcomes.  On November 11, 2001 RxLink opened the first RxLink Pharmacy in Greenville, Wisconsin from concept to completion and in August 13, 2003 another.

Today, the RxLink Pharmacy Franchise concept is now very vibrant and ready to explore new markets for Independent Pharmacists.

Patients are now excited about the new Link to better Pharmaceutical Care and Nutrition…

RxLink Pharmacy:   Trust us and you will feel better!

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