Betancourt Big Blend Protein 4.25lb Vanilla

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MIAMI, FL- Betancourt Nutrition's crack team of protein supplement formulators lock themselves inside their in-house cGMP manufacturing lab. Their mission is to develop the “best and the biggest”, a protein supplement so massive in its content of


愦灭;lt;h3愦灭;gt;Details愦灭;lt;/h3愦灭;gt; 愦灭;lt;p愦灭;gt;MIAMI, FL- Betancourt Nutrition’s crack team of protein supplement formulators lock themselves inside their in-house cGMP manufacturing lab. Their mission is to develop the “best and the biggest”, a protein supplement so massive in its content of myo-augmenting proteins and amino acid derivatives that it will produce anabolic behaviors quantitatively and qualitatively unlike anything else on the market for years to come. Two months and more than a dozen pilot batches later, they emerge from the lab with new BIG BLEND Proteosynthetic. If you’re looking to get bigger with the best, then look no further than the inside of this bottle. Each serving of new BIG BLEND contains a myo-augmenting blend of refined proteins and amino acid derivatives from a mind-blowing 22 different sources, all fortified by a low-calorie, low-glycemic infrastructure of brown rice bran, proteolytic enzymes and carbohydrate. With each ingredient having several potential mechanisms of action, BIG BLEND is capable of an incredibly diverse array of anabolic behaviors once it gets inside your body. The muscle-building possibilities are virtually endless. Importantly, BIG BLEND supports maximal rates of protein synthesis in the whole body –muscle as well as non-muscle tissues. And it tastes as big as it acts! Each gram of Big Blend contains ingredients never before found in a single scoop: Multi-Species Proteins: Big Blend prepares your stretched strained muscle fibers for a perfect “anabolic storm” by feeding them precision processed proteins extracts from Casein, Milk, Brown Rice and Whey. All have been carefully blended together to protect their bioactivity and shelf life. Amino Acid Derivatives: Amino acid derivatives like Nitrated BCAAs, N-Acetyl L-Phenylalanine, L-Valine Ethyl Ester HCl, Glutamine Ethyl Ester HCl, L-Leucine Alpha-Ketoglutarate and many more offer unique pharmacokinetic properties of interest to advanced bodybuilding athletes. These ingredients are impossible to obtain from food and are not found in many protein supplements. Digestive Stimulators: Low-calorie, low-glycemic brown rice bran, carbohydrates and enzymes stimulate your digestive tract and help improve the anabolic efficiency of Big Blend’s many powerful proteins and amino acids. Big Blend even contains Papaya extract and lactase to ease digestion and pave the way for a more rapid absorption and muscle-building utilization. Betancourt formulators sources Big Blend’s ingredients from around the world, country by country, city by city, in order toe ensure that they could reward you with a long list of features and benefits including but not limited to rapid and sustained increases in tissue essential (EAA) and nonessential amino acid (NEAA) levels, nitrogen balance, nitric oxide products, protein synthesis in muscle and non-muscle tissues, insulin-like growth facto-1 (IGF-1) production, muscle fiber hypertrophy, muscle mass, muscle strength and muscle thickness. Furthermore, to make sure that Big Blend makes protein shakes that rapidly quench your appetite every time you drink one, Betancourt developed all of its flavors in-house. Muscle mechanisms of anabolic behavior. Supports proteosynthetic power in muscle and non-muscle tissues. The ideal supplement to training and diet for outrageous myo-augmentation. Designed to be addictively delicious by in-house flavor scientists. World’s First Myo-Augmenting BCAA Nitrate Blend. Enhanced with 22 Proteins, Amino Acids, and Enzymes. Ready to stimulate whole-body protein synthesis. Acetyl, AKG, Ester and Nitrate Amino Acid Derivatives. Low-Glycemic Carbohydrate, Protein Hydrolysates, Brown Rice Bran. Big Multi-Source Refined Protein Blend: Whey Protein Concentrate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Egg Albumin, Whey Protein Isolate, Rice protein Casein Phosphopeptides 19%. Amino Acid Derivatives Blend: N-Acetyl L_Phenylalamine, N-Acetyl L-Glutamine, L-Valine Ethyl Ester HCl, L-Phenylalanine Methyl Ester HCl, L-Lysine HCl, L-Leucine Pyroglutamate, L-Leucine Ethyl Ester HCl, L-Leucine Alpha Ketoglutarate, Lactalbumin Hydrolysate. Nitrated BCAA Blend: L-Leucine Nitrate, L-Isoleucine Nitrate, L-Valine Nitrate. Glutamine Analogues Blend: L-Glutamine Akgenuine, L-Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate 2:1, L-Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate. Big Digestive Enzyme Blend: Brown Rice Bran. Waxy Maize, Corn Starch Amylopectin, Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Papaya (Carica papaya) (fruit), Lactase 100,000 LU/g, Protease 200,000 HUT/g, Papain.愦灭;lt;/p愦灭;gt; 愦灭;lt;h3愦灭;gt;Directions愦灭;lt;/h3愦灭;gt; 愦灭;lt;p愦灭;gt;Mix 1 serving of Big Blend with cold water to desired thickness in a shaker cup or blender. Consume immediately after your weight-lifting workout. Repeat 2 hours later. On days that you don’t workout (rest days), consume 1 serving of Big Blend in the morning and 1 serving before bed.愦灭;lt;/p愦灭;gt; 愦灭;lt;h3愦灭;gt;Warnings愦灭;lt;/h3愦灭;gt; 愦灭;lt;p愦灭;gt;Big Blend is intended for use as a supplement to the diet only. Do not sure for weight loss or as your only source of calories. Big Blend contains ingredients derived from milk, eggs and rice. Because it is packaged by weight rather than volume, some settling of the contents of this bottle may occur. Contains: Milk.愦灭;lt;/p愦灭;gt;